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I am hired for short or longer term freelance based
project that consist of one or more of the following services
Design Strategy

With a innovative and collaborative approach, I can tailor a strategic solution that meets your business objectives. A concept for the overall creative process.

UX Design

As User Experience Designer I help people do things more efficiently, create delightful experience for users and make profits for the business.

UI Design

As User Interface Designer my aim is to create graphical user interfaces and Design System the users will find easy to use and pleasurable.

Art Direction

As Lead Designer I have a keen eye for the overall design process. I can provide design solutions and creative direction to designers, tech people, product owners etc.


Why me?

I understand your requirement and provide quality works

I rely on my business and consumer marketing acumen to take in market research, define business goals, and learn about the brand, the product and the stakeholders.

the idea

I take concepts from sketches and wireframes into visual/tangible MVPs and develop low, medium and high fidelity prototypes at multiple stages to get perspective and test with users. I use tools as: Adobe Suite, Skecth & Invision.


The feedback from user testing and the clients is what drives the iterative process, giving me essential insight into refining the product, rethinking the interaction, even generating more concepts. 


Being a strong proponent of data-driven design I gravitated towards web analytics. I have great experience in helping organizations define and measure key performance metrics and usability.


Goals & Deadline

I am results-oriented, constantly checking in with the goal to determine how close or how far away we are and what it will take to make it happen. I find this pressure inspiring and a great motivator for the rest of the team.

by clients

I am passionate about my work. Because I love what I do, I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best. I’m a people-person. I love meeting new clients and learning and about their vision and background. Read a client testimonial. 

If you have the courage to start, you have the courage to succeed.

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Short or long term Projects




about me.

I’m a Graphic  & User Experience Designer with a deep passion for  designing concepts and visual experiences based on a deep understanding on business objectives and customers needs. 

I am driven by develop and produce design experiences with a focus on enhancing the user satisfaction that also increase the company performance. I invite the consumers and business along the design journey while we touch all challenges and phases from initial strategy and product ideation to final implementation and launch. Making collaboration between all involved and produce useful design experience is my passion.

With over 10 years of  experience I have flair for advanced  technology and solving complex problems I can take creative direction and produce engaging design across many digital touch-points. With my Digital Design and UX skills I understand how to sketch, test and iterate designs and ideas.

If you’re interested in learning more about me or my work, simply reach out. I’m always looking for new projects and partners to collaborate with, so get in touch if you’d like to connect.


Work & Clients.

I've done user research and product design for companies including:

UX Designer

Senior Digital Designer

Art Director

UX/UI Designer



Why not let your happy customers do the talking ​

As Product Owner in DR Web and Apps, Technological Development, I have worked with Signe Skriver on various digital projects in the years 2015 – 2018. Professionally, Signe is one of the most talented UX Designers I have worked with. With her long expertise and experience means she has the ability to quickly learn about the complexity of a task and to focus on the end-user. 

Signe is t uncompromising when it comes to find the best solution. Any company that hires Signe for assignments – whether firm or freelance – can be sure to get a highly professional employee who meets and exceeds expectations, and who is also an incredibly pleasant person to work with.

Anne Birkeby Mikkelsen

Product Owner at Danish Broadcasting Corp (DR)
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Design Project Progress.

Great design requires deep knowledge of your users, their environments, and their goals.
Conducting research, talking to users, collaborating with different teams and testing prototypes
all help keep a project on track.

Research & Define

Pulling together what I’ve learned, I model representative experiences, tasks and mindsets to articulate the users’ goals, and define and frame the problem. 

Tools: Design Sprint, Personas, Experience Maps, User Needs Analysis, User Journeys



Visualizing and diagramming the user interaction is something I do in tandem with prototype development, as it is informed by user feedback on user testing and serves to guide later iterations. 

Tools: Use Cases, Wireframes, User Flow Diagrams, Story boarding


Prototyping & Testing

I take concepts from sketches and wireframes into visual/tangible MVPs and develop low, medium and high fidelity prototypes at multiple stages to get perspective and test with users. 

Tools: Paper Prototypes,  Visual Mockups, Usability Testing, Card Sorting, A/B Testing, Guerilla Testing


Production & Delivery

All the test result ends typically up with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) launch. Testing if the product with just enough features can satisfy early customers, and to provide feedback for future product development.

Tools: Art Direction, Design, UI Design


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